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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tier 1 Sample Flowers

Clients are often unsure of the cost of their favorite flowers, so I have developed a "Tier System" to help clients determine whether their flower choices are more "high-end" (Tier1),  "mid-range" (Tier 2),  or "econimcally" (Tier 3) priced.  Here are some samples of "Tier 1" flowers.

Characteristics: $$$, higher-end flowers, often used in modern or contemporary arrangements.
(Images uploaded from iStock Photo unless otherwise noted).

White Calla Lily
Flickr Source: Trumpet Lily on black, originally uploaded by Electrolyte.

Mini Calla Lilies

(Refer to "Orchids" Posting for a complete explanation of orchid types).

Flickr Source: purple_dots, originally uploaded by forestgreendog.

Flickr Source: Pink Peony, originally uploaded by Ginther.

Flickr Source: Flame Lily, originally uploaded by foxielicious.

Flickr Source: Stephanotis Boutonniere, originally uploaded by waldenfloral.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tier 2 Sample Flowers

Here are some samples of Tier 2 flowers.

Characteristics:  $$, Mid-range flowers, most types commonly known.
(Images uploaded from iStock Photo unless otherwise noted).


Flickr Source:  Dahlia, originally uploaded by **Curt**.

Parrot Tulips

Asiatic Lily


Gerbera Daisy

Football Chrysanthemums

Monday, December 29, 2008

Tier 3 Sample Flowers

Here are some Tier 3 flower samples.

Characteristics:  $, most economical, often used as accent flowers; design in monochromatic masses to create modern or contemporary arrangements.
(Images uploaded from iStock Photo unless otherwise noted).

Button Mums

Flickr Source:  Gladioli, originally uploaded by PJ.

Flickr Source:  White Bouquet, originally uploaded by myruby.

Carnations/Mini Carnations
Flickr Source:  Carnations, originally uploaded by vestaligo.

Flickr Source:  Alstroemeria pallida, originally uploaded by nftodd.

Spray Roses
Flickr Source:   Birthday Wishes, originally uploaded by myruby.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

How Much Does it Cost?

According to The Knot, clients can expect to spend 10% to 15% on event flowers alone.  Be sure to view the SHOSHO Designs "2009 Pricing" schedule and "Consultation Help" worksheets to aide in your planning!

Major factors that can affect the OVERALL budget:

1.  Number of Members in Wedding Party.
2.  Number of Guests Attending.
(Example:  150 guests sitting 8-10 people per standard round table may require 15 to 19 centerpieces). 

Major factors that can affect INDIVIDUAL flower arrangements:

1.  Flower Type (or "Tier").
2.  Number of Blooms per Arrangement.
3.  Vase or Container Type. 

Check back to determine in which "Tier" your favorite flowers fall!

Monday, December 22, 2008


Orchids are often a wedding and special event favorite because of their diversity, versatility, and sheer elegance.  Decide which orchids best fit YOUR style and needs!

Phaelanopsis Orchids.  Beautiful, delicate blossoms available in pinks, magentas, and white.  Great for creating a striking, modern look.

Cymbidium Orchids.  Available in a wide range of colors.  Great for creating submerged centerpieces.  Blooms can be cut from stem, and used in bouquets or as floating flowers.  Mini cymbidium orchids are often used in corsages or boutonnieres.

Dendrobium Orchids.  Available in a wide range of colors.  Great for creating dramatic, "spray" arrangements.  Provides an elegant, but affordable alternative to cymbidium orchids.  Blooms are small and work well in corsages and boutonnieres.  

Vanda Orchids.  Available in a wide range of colors.  Similar to dendrobium orchids, but stems are truncated at their tips.  Blooms are more "plate" shaped and do not have a "throat."

Mokara orchids.  Similar to dendrobium orchids, but stems are truncated at their tips.  Blooms are smaller, more "star" shaped, and do not have a "throat."  Great for creating contemporary, submerged flower centerpieces.

Cattleya Orchids.  Large, gorgeous blooms with a dramatic "throat."  Available in a variety of colors.

Oncidium Orchids.  Only available in yellow.  Small, delicate, paper-like blooms inspire their alternative name, "Dancing Ladies."  Great for creating dramatic, "spray" centerpieces.

Lady Slipper Orchids.  Modern, fun, and unusual!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

French Bustle Linen Rentals

In addition to traditional satin, SHOSHO Designs is proud to now also offer French Bustle Table and Chair Cover Linen rentals.  Made of a polysatin material, these linens have a full drop to the floor, and add lush style and elegance to any event.  Use them to enhance your Reception, or to dress up a Cake or Sweetheart Table.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

French Bustle Inspirations

Here are some gorgeous inspirations by California-based Wildflower Linen, as seen in the Grace Ormand, Fall/Winter 2008 issue.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Atlanta Hotlist 2008 Nomination

I'm very excited to announce my nomination as a top designer in the "Best Flowers" category on "Atlanta's 2008 Hotlist."  In order to receive this prestigious award, however, I need more votes!  Click here to vote and review SHOSHO Designs. You can only vote once, and voting ends January 2nd!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Welcome to the SHOSHO Designs blog!  The purpose of this blog is to keep you updated on exciting news and upcoming events, share images and ideas from recent occasions, provide answers to frequently asked questions, and introduce new trends and products in the Wedding and Floral Design industries.  Be sure to check the SHOSHO Designs website at, as well, as new portfolio images are posted frequently!