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Monday, March 30, 2009

Black Flowers - CENTERS - Part 4 of 4

Because there are so few black flowers that are available as CUT STEMS for event use and personal arrangements, an alternate option is to utilize the CENTERS of flowers as BLACK ACCENTS.  

Here are several flowers having black centers that are also usually readily available as CUT STEMS:

Anemone (White, Blue, Red, Pink, or Purple petals)
Available:  December-March
Flickr Source: white anemone, originally uploaded by lynnepet.

Black Eyed Susan
Available:  June-September
Flickr Source: Black Eye Susan, originally uploaded by ngl1145.

Gerbera Daisy (Petals of varying colors)
Available:  Year Round
Flickr Source: Gerbera, originally uploaded by rita_baer.

Available: Year Round
Flickr Source: Mingling Sunflowers, originally uploaded by Yobs.

Oriental Poppy
Available:  January-March
Flickr Source: Oriental Poppy, originally uploaded by 5348 Franco.

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