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Friday, September 30, 2011

Purple Wedding Flowers!

My past five clients have requested purple for their color I thought it might be a nice time to introduce some of the most popular purple and lavender wedding flowers:

Purple Hydrangea
Photo Credit:  Landscapedia
Purple Vanda Orchid (My favorite!)
Purple Tulip
Photo Found on:  Purple Dreamy
Purple Mini Calla Lily
Photo Found on:  Whole Blossoms
Purple Lisianthus
Purple Japanese Iris
Dark Purple Stock
Light Purple Stock
Lavender Rose
"Lavender" roses often tend toward a more "Mauve" shade with a pinkish hue, as shown here.
Purple Gladiolas
Photo Credit: Mike Cullen
Purple Freesia
Purple Sweet Pea
Purple Anemone
Dark Purple Carnation (Moonvista)
Florigene Moon Series 
Purple Carnation (Moonshade)
Florigene Moon Series
Purple Carnation (Moonlite)
Florigene Moon Series

Please note that these images are intended for visualization purposes only!  Actual size, shade, and color are always dependent on Mother Nature!

1 comment:

Bloom that said...

Wow!! Awesome purple wedding flowers. My friend has used them in her wedding. They were simply looking awesome and lovely. Planning to have purple tulips for the day and will depend on Flower Delivery NYC for its delivery.